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Pro Wrestling Training School

 601-635 Oakdale Rd - Johnson City, NY (In the Old Macy's Corridor)

Sundays 12 am to 3 pm / Tuesdays, & Thursdays 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

For Questions Email / For Memberships CLICK HERE  

These rules must be followed by all patrons of Club X at The X

- Everyone must wear masks at all times.

- When entering The X, you must sign in with complete contact information and hold harmless waiver completed

- Your temperature must be taken and health assessment completed 


- When at the X you must remain socially distant from all other members, minus those from the same household


- All memberships, Gold or Platinum, are reoccurring monthly


- Platinum memberships allow members to receive full professional wrestling training


- Platinum members are allowed to work with each other but will follow protocols laid out in Club Xcite's Safety Plan


- On Seminar days, Platinum Members get a private 2 hour seminar prior to the Gold Members portion

Platinum Members MUST be negative Covid tested no more than 7 days prior to taking part in the monthly seminars