The X is Here!

"But I thought you were closing?" "Isn’t Xcite dead?" "Was this whole thing a work?" No, people, things just took a turn for the Xciting… Leading into the September 1 Xcite Xperience at NYSEG Stadium, Jonny Moose had a lot on his mind. With a heavy heart, he had let many of his friends and fans know that due to family obligations he would have to take a step back from the company he built from the ground up. A step back… not a step away… In the hours leading up to the show, Moose sat with two people who he trusted to take up the reigns, and steer Xcite forward; however they could. It was a good plan. It could work. At worst, the ship could stay afloat until Jonny was ready to come back on


September 1st saw Xcite Wrestling make their third annual trip across town to the home of the Rumble Ponies – NYSEG Stadium’s Rumble Town in Binghamton, NY. The action was fast and hard-hitting. In typical Xcite fashion, the real story of the day was the crowning of new champions…. EVERY Xcite Championship found a new home by the time all was said and done. The Xcitement kicked off with the showdown between former Xcite Heavyweight Champion MDogg Matt Cross going to-to-toe with “The One Above All” Anthony Gangone. Seconds before the bell rang, it was revealed that the winner of this contest would receive a shot at the Xcite Championship of their choosing. The fan-favorite Cross wowed the

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