Getting Heat Chapter 1: In The Beginning...

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Xcite Wrestling just celebrated our third anniversary on March 16th. How did we get here? Well, in the first Chapter of Getting Heat, I’ll tell you. This is my stream of coconscious where I babble on and most definitely get heat with hopefully everyone.

How did we get started? It started when a much younger version of me flamed out of wrestling school. I made connections. That turned into fan websites, bootlegging shows, making hype videos, throwing sloppy joes, and getting drunk. Very Drunk. Eventually I moved backstage for pretty much the best wrestling company in the country. Made more connections, took over the production, started dealing with talent, making commercials, and made myself a general annoyance to all the boys and girls in the back. Somewhere, around four and half years ago, when said company was on the verge of closing, I decided to see if there was a way to fill the void if they closed. *Sidebar, it didn’t close and is thriving still* So I met with this guy Keith Zimmer. My coconspirator and ultra heater, Mikey Metaxas, sold me on meeting this guy because he had worked with this carny, Gino Caruso, and I thought I could use him to start up something if need be. I laid my plan out for using local guys and guys that haven’t been in the area before. I said how the production and talent costs would be expensive but it would be great. He explained how he was pretty much using a “mark” to buy him a ring, start a school, and how he was going challenge the best company in the country. Needless to say, I left this meeting thinking that someone was going to get ripped off and this dude was a scumbag.

Fast forward like six months, and sure enough, everything that was said in that meeting, came to fruition. Well except being any kind of competition for the best indy in the country. Enter 3DW and Fred Spencer. After a couple shows, I realized that this guy was being taken advantage of. Fred was a guy that just wanted to be part of the wrestling business, but there were a group of guys that were using his money and license to play pro wrestlers and “producers” while surrounding themselves with real workers like IB Green, Sean Carr, Kage, and Nick Napoleon. It didn’t take long before we all knew this guy was being taken advantage of. I actually went to show to tell him that but realized when one of the “wrestlers” threw his beer on one of the fans, or lets be honest - comped family member, that nothing I could tell him would carry any weight. Over the course of the next year, Fred smarted up by getting rid of Zimmer, lost Kage and Carr, and saw 3DW limp along until Zimmer decided to use Carny Caruso to try to play promoter again. It was at this point, I decided to intervene and got in touch with IB Green.

I have never met Rob Cook at this point. I had heard of him, and he was friends with one of my friends, so I had him bridge the gap between Fred and I. At this point, neither 3DW, nor the revived ECPW, were going to be any competition for machine running the area. So with the ok from The Office, I made contact with Fred. The goal: to make some money. It was a stupid goal, because lets face it, no one ever really makes money on indy wrestling. After a couple conversations with Fred, I realized a few things. Fred was a good guy, not dumb, and deserved a chance. I started giving him some advice and eventually we decided to do business together. I gave him three options for my involvement. Either help with production, take over merch, or more or less become a partner of sorts. Fred went with the partner option. The Shindys as they would become to be known and coined by Brodie Lee (whatever happened to him?), started to attack when they realized Fred and 3DW wasn’t dead. The date was set for Friday March 16, 2012. 3DW would make its return after not having a show for six plus months.

A lot happened going into the first show. A lot happened after. But that is for future chapters. Hell, we haven’t even got into why 3DW died and how Xcite came to be. Getting Heat is my corner in the world. Many people won’t care and some will. There will be podcast that will be started as well, as I get heat with some of the biggest pro wrestlers in the world. I’ve been doing it for years, but now you can listen while I do it for your pleasure.

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