Xcite Wrestling and ECPW raise almost $3000 for the family of Brendan Fields

Legion Crowd.jpg

Repost From Jonny Moose's Facebook: So last night was something. Forgetting about the the ways things didn't go Xcite's way, Sean Carr and Axel Lennox, I'm definitely looking your way, I want to take a moment to reflect. First off, thank you to the almost 300 fans that raised close to $3000 for the family of Brendan Spike Norton Fields. Emotions ran high with everyone in to the back to the fans in the crowd. The fans made the night something really special and I am eternally grateful. It was truly one of the most unique shows I've ever been part of, let alone promote. The fact is, this show was agreed to literally the day of Brendan's funeral when a few of us from Xcite, met when a few from ECPW in appropriately enough, a dingy bar. We decided to pay all the expenses for the show ourselves so we can give every dollar to the family. Without Sean, Keith, Corey, Vince, Aaron, Dave, The Cook family (Robert, Stephanie, & Danielle), a couple vendors, an Internet radio station, and course the great Sound Go Round, we wouldn't have been able to make this happen. Then there was everyone from the wrestlers, to the staff and crew, to the guys pushing tickets hard, to the building, to the truck people, to our awesome doctor, that donated their time to keep all the costs down. The outpouring of support is a testament to how much Brendan meant to every life he touched. I have always been the odd man out of this weird, strange Binghamton wrestling family, but I will be forever grateful for you allowing me to help do really the only nice thing I'll do in wrestling. After four years, I feel like I can finally move on and get away from all the black clouds that has flown over the Binghamton area. Now that doesn't mean I'm not going to punch everyone one of them that wronged me last night, right in their faces. But that's something I'll worry about tomorrow. Today, I'm going to just be happy with what a bunch of guys that just wanted to do right by our friend, were able to accomplish. It might not have been the biggest attendance, and it might not have been the best put together show, but for one night, we did something that fans can be really proud to be part of. Thank you everyone involved.

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