Xcite Wrestling Adresses Ticket Issues

Over the course of the last four years, Xcite Wrestling has tried to learn from our mistakes. Sometimes the solutions to problems are easy, sometimes its a trial and error. Anyone that has sat in the front row has probably had a mixed experiance. For some, they have no issues at all, while others may have had a few. I have personally been to enough indy shows to know that sometimes, especially with companies that sell a lot of front row and tend to try to go above and beyond to accomandate their fans, issues can arise. Here at Xcite we have tried numerous different ways to try to make the Front Row run smoother. We have done wrist bands, done an open front row without assigned seats, tried seating fans personally, and more. None have seem to click just right. So for that reason, we are implementing a new ticket policy on reserve seating. We only usually do Front Row and General Admission, but these rules would apply to any reserve seat sold. Here are the general tickets rules and brief explanation of why they are important.

- All Front Row Tickets are first come first serve

- Each Front Row Ticket printed is now for a preassigned seat with a row number, section, and seat number (This is no different than if you purchase tickets from Tickmaster, Live Nation, etc.)

- When you purchase a Front Row Ticket, whatever section and seat number designated on the ticket will be the seat you are assigned to. (We will treat our reserve seat just as any other ticket outlet would. The seat your ticket states, is the place where you are to sit)

- No day of show changes to your seat will be made as they have caused numerous issues in the past. (This falls on us. A lot of times we try to accomindate special requests to have people next to each other, or move people for one reason or another. In an effort to help some, it may inconvience others. We will still try to accominadate any fan we can, just not by changing the set up day of show. See the next rule)

- When you purchase Front Row Tickets online, if you request certain seats, we will do our best to accomindate you, however, they are on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, we can only give you tickets from the remaining tickets in our inventory. (We will try our best to continue to be as fan friendly as possible. We want you to enjoy your experiance as much as possible. If you have a special request, we will do the best we can to try make it happen. However, once a seat is sold, just like at any concert or WWE event, that ticket is gone)

- All tickets purchased online will be held at the door under the name of the person that purchased them, and marked as paid.

- General Admission Tickets are for rows two and back.

- General Admission Tickets are $10 at all ticket locations and online until February 18th. Day of show (February 19, 2016) General Admission Tickets are $20 when you purchase tickets when doors open at the American Legion at 7:15 pm. (This is actually a policy that we have been doing for a few shows now. We are just more stricty inforcing it. So if you want the discounted $10 GA, buy it ahead of time. Just like in Decemeber, our new door lady isnt as nice, and she will just stare at you until you hand her more money. You have been warned)

I hope when you read this, it doesn't come off as unfan-friendly as it felt writing it. However, the fact is, we have had issues of people who have paid for front row, including sponsors, that did not get their seats. That is unacceptable. That falls squarely on my head. However, these changes will be the first steps to helping make some of these issues disappear. I want you to have the most Xciting time ever at Xcite. Not worrying about your seat getting messed up. We start fixing things on February 19th!

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