September 1st saw Xcite Wrestling make their third annual trip across town to the home of the Rumble Ponies – NYSEG Stadium’s Rumble Town in Binghamton, NY. The action was fast and hard-hitting. In typical Xcite fashion, the real story of the day was the crowning of new champions…. EVERY Xcite Championship found a new home by the time all was said and done.

The Xcitement kicked off with the showdown between former Xcite Heavyweight Champion MDogg Matt Cross going to-to-toe with “The One Above All” Anthony Gangone. Seconds before the bell rang, it was revealed that the winner of this contest would receive a shot at the Xcite Championship of their choosing. The fan-favorite Cross wowed the crowd with his Xciting arsenal, but Anthony Gangone shocked the world by costing Cross his chance to challenge for his former championship!

The Xcite Tag Team Champions, the pairing of “The Ace of Space” LSG and “The Chocolate Man” Shaheem Ali – collectively known as Coast 2 Coast electrified the crowd as they faced their challengers Robert Cook and Axel Lennox of The Dying Breed. In an incredible battle of style and finesse against grit and ruthlessness, The Drying Breed were able to brawl their way to the top of the tag team division in what many consider to be a shocking upset!

“All Ego” Ethan Page brought his Xcite International Championship to Rumble Town as he faced two of Xcite’s toughest competitors in “The Prince of Pro” Alexander James and Greg Excellent. The fans were ready to see three of the top talents in the world, when things took a turn for the unexpected. Not letting the ink on his newly-won opportunity have time to dry, Anthony Gangone made his presence known by claiming not only his spot in the match – but the Xcite International Championship itself!

And finally, in the day’s Main Event, Binghamton’s own “Hybrid” Sean Carr challenged the Xcite Heavyweight Champion, “The Pro Wrestling Maniac” Joe Gacy. Both coming into the match as favorites of the Xcite crowd, Carr and Gacy left nothing in the locker room. In what has to be seen as one of Xcite’s most incredible matches, Sean Carr was able to regain the Xcite Championship!

Then things got really interesting….

The reverberation of the ring bell hadn’t even died before the Dying Breed hit the scene. Cook, Lennox and Stockade rushed the ring swinging on anything in sight. As the dust temporarily settled, Carr and Gacy stood back-to-back ready to go to war… But Stockade had a different plan. Knowing that even though he had been through one of the most grueling fights of his life; Sean Carr wouldn’t back down from a challenge – especially in his home town!

In an exchange that saw bodies battered and bruised all over Rumble Town, it was Stockade who stood atop the Xcite mountain. “The Deathmatch Asguardian” flanked by the new tag champs has put Xcite Wrestling on notice… who’s ready to bring Ragnarok to their doorstep?

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