The X is Here!

"But I thought you were closing?"

"Isn’t Xcite dead?"

"Was this whole thing a work?"

No, people, things just took a turn for the Xciting…

Leading into the September 1 Xcite Xperience at NYSEG Stadium, Jonny Moose had a lot on his mind. With a heavy heart, he had let many of his friends and fans know that due to family obligations he would have to take a step back from the company he built from the ground up. A step back… not a step away…

In the hours leading up to the show, Moose sat with two people who he trusted to take up the reigns, and steer Xcite forward; however they could. It was a good plan. It could work. At worst, the ship could stay afloat until Jonny was ready to come back on board and steer it. Then, as it seems to always happen… opportunity came knocking.

A year ago, Moose was in negotiations with a new venue. A permanent venue. A place to house the training academy, a place to run shows more regularly… a HOME for Xcite Wrestling. When the deal fell through, Moose was dejected. Though the Legion was always great to Xcite, and the wrestling fans of Binghamton, it could never really be a permanent home.

Within days of the emotional highs and lows of the stadium show, “the one that got away” came back around. Offers were made, papers were signed… and on September 20, 2019 the baby was delivered!

Welcome… to THE X: The Xcite Wrestling Xhibition Hall!

Situated in the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, the 6,000 square foot entertainment complex will be the new home of both Xcite Wrestling’s can’t miss events, but also the new and improved Xcite Training Center!

Surely many of you are wondering how a man who only days prior was looking toward an Xtended hiatus from his company could possibly find the time to run a wrestling promotion, a wrestling school, and now an entire venue… Well, he has a little help.

To lighten the load, Jonny Moose has recruited two very familiar faces to his management team. First will be 2-time Xcite Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and one of the area’s most well-traveled and decorated athletes: Sean Carr. Also joining the team, stepping out from behind the microphone, Xcite Wrestling event host and ring announcer, Sean Shea.

While all three will be focused on talent relations, looking to bring new and exciting talents to the area, Sean Carr will be spearheading the operations of the training facility – focusing on cultivating the stars of tomorrow. As a former 2-time Xcite Champion, and 2017 winner of the renowned ECWA Super 8 tournament, Sean’s commitment to Xcellence is exactly what he hopes to bestow on his students:

“I’m super excited for the relaunch of the wrestling school. I’m even more excited to be able to give back to the business and pass along the knowledge I’ve obtained over performing for the last 10 yearssto the new generation of students that we will have.” – Sean Carr

While he may be the least well-known in wrestling circles, Sean Shea brings over 25 years of live performance experience as an actor, musician and event coordinator to the table. With an eye for detail, a knack for organization and a sometimes-overwhelming penchant for numbers, Shea will be focusing on the administrative side of things:

“I’ve loved this business for most of my life. Being asked to be a part of this team (as more than just a guy who can extend the word “Greg” for longer than any human should be able to) is a dream come true! By combing the talent in the ring, our new and improved event production possibilities, and company infrastructure, this new venue is going to be the standard by which all other Independent Wrestling Companies of our stature will be judged. We are committed to bringing you consistency, action and Xcitement each and every month!” – Sean Shea

With things in the ring taken care of, and all of that annoying office work being attended to, Jonny Moose will be free to focus on what he does best: drink slushies. Just kidding… Moose’s knack for live event production, promotional video production and creating events that bring crowds to their feet is second to none in the Independent Wrestling world. As the man sitting at the head of the table, Jon is embracing the opportunities this new management team will afford him:

“For the last 7 ½ years we have prided ourselves on bringing the best Pro Wrestling to the area. But now with a permanent home, The X will allow us to bring in more talent, grow as a company and give the fans the Xperience that we have always wanted to – but were hampered by other venues. Fans will be blown away by what we have planned” – Jon “Jonny Moose” Musok

So now that the rabbit is out of the hat, the need for clever puns and thinly-veiled references to the company future is gone. While there is sure to be more breaking news in the days and weeks ahead, you can absolutely mark your calendars for Saturday, November 2, 2019 when “The X” sails on her maiden voyage!

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